The Truth About Racism

(Internationally known as ARE YOU RACIST?)

GENRE: Science
LENGTH: 1 x 54 minutes
PRODUCERS: Paul Scott & Gina Twyble
DIRECTOR: Paul Scott
COINVESTOR: Screen Australia

This documentary uncovers the extraordinary new science that can help understand and change racism. Australian diversity advocate, engineer and the 2015 Young Queenslander of the year, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, goes on an immersive journey to experience first hand the revolutionary new science that can detect unconscious bias, uncover hidden prejudice and expose racist attitudes in a person’s brain.

Science today can measure how racist someone is through a series of intriguing tests that the television audience can also take while watching the TV program. This documentary puts this new science to the test as Yassmin and four volunteers, from different racial backgrounds, take part in a unique 10-day social experiment that has never been attempted on television before.

This documentary probes the fabric of human nature to reveal exactly why some of us become racist. But it also demonstrates that with the right training, the new science can help anyone transform and reduce their own prejudice. All the volunteers, including Yassmin, leave the social experiment a different person to when they came in. If people can visibly transform on television in only ten days then they can definitely change over a lifetime.

This is the first time that useful scientific tests measuring prejudice, and tools that can reduce racism, have been made accessible to a television audience. It’s an informative and emotional journey that’s unique, surprising, provocative and inspiring.



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