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Mindful Media is an exciting independent Australian Production Company committed to making television that is useful to people as well as entertaining. With the aim of inspiring audiences, we produce innovative and high quality factual programs for the World’s leading broadcasters.

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Mindful Media is a fast-growing dynamic company that produces compelling television for Australian and International audiences. We believe that factual television has the potential to inform, entertain and to be useful as well. The right kind of television can inspire others, encourage positive action and help create a better world.

Mindful Media’s mission statement is ‘making television to make a difference’. We are committed to high-production value filmmaking but also making programs that are authentic, have integrity and offer something positive to the world.

By producing high-end Science, Wildlife and Human Interest documentaries that are useful or inspire, Mindful Media is responding to the global need for good-quality television that raises awareness on the subjects that matter in today’s world.

Paul Scott, the founder, CEO and Executive Producer of Mindful Media has been in the TV industry for 32 years. He has worked as an EP, Producer, Director or Writer on 46-hours of Internationally distributed television. Paul’s films have won several awards including an Emmy and an AACTA Award (an Australian Oscar).

Mindful Media works with talented film crews and partners with established high-end facilities. We also sell stock footage related to our projects. Mindful Media has several alliances within the science, environmental and health-promoting communities and works with many of the world’s top broadcasters to bring pioneering and epic stories to the screen.

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