The Secret Lives of Sleepwalkers

GENRE: Science/Medical
LENGTH: 1 x 55 minutes
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Scott & Chris Hilton
PRODUCERS: Paul Scott & Chris Hilton
DIRECTOR: Paul Scott
COINVESTOR: Screen Australia & NSWFTO
DISTRIBUTOR: RDF International

Witness sleepwalking in action like never before! Here’s a film that reveals what sleepwalkers really get up too in the depth of night. With the help of infrared night cameras this remarkable documentary captures the bizarre and sometimes violent behavior of chronic sleepwalkers.

Take Rebecca, a beautiful young Californian whose night antics are so weird that her boyfriend thinks she’s possessed.

Then there’s Steve from Australia who screams, roams the house and even urinates on the bedroom floor while asleep.

Canadian born Leonard literally ‘acts out’ his dream. During a nightmare Leonard thinks he is strangling an intruder but awakes to find he is actually choking his wife!

Follow the trial of an American man who murdered his lover during a sleepwalking episode. But will the sleep doctors be able to convince a jury to acquit him?

This documentary exposes the private lives of sleepwalkers and reveals how today science and technology can offer an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.



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