Outback Fight Club

GENRE: Social ob-doc
LENGTH: 2 x 54 minutes
PRODUCER: Isabel Perez
DIRECTOR: Paul Scott
COINVESTOR: Screen Australia
DISTRIBUTOR: Octapixx Worldwide

This 2 x 1-hour series follows the last tent boxing troupe in the world as they tour the Australian outback. With great boxing action it’s also an investigation into why ordinary people choose to fight. But what are they REALLY fighting for? A critically acclaimed series, “Deftly shows how ringmaster Fred has salvaged the lives of a few colorful figures who were spiraling towards an unfocused life of violence.” Sydney Morning Herald TV Guide – 10/1/11


The tour kicks off in Cracow and then moves on to Mt Isa, the town with the toughest fighters in Australia. James has to fight two in the ring to prove to leader Fred Brophy that he’s ready to become the troupe’s number one boxer. Joe’s upbringing was full of tragedy and boxing is how he controls his anger. Tammara fights because she was bullied at school. Fred wants to retire but his boxers want him to keep tent boxing going.


Fred takes his troupe to the Birdsville Races where his boxers face their biggest challenge. Blair has boxed and beaten 1,000 men but must win his last fight to get a prize before retirement. Krystal wants to put a life of street fighting behind her now that she has a baby. Joe loses his cool in the ring and may be thrown out of the troupe. Fred is inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Will this change his mind about retiring or is this the end of the road for tent boxing?

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