Devil Diary

GENRE: Wildlife
LENGTH: 1 x 53 minutes
DIRECTOR: Paul Scott
BROADCASTERS: Animal Planet & Channel 9 Australia
COINVESTOR: Screen Tasmania & Screen Australia
DISTRIBUTOR: Octapixx International

Meet the world’s only ‘devil whisperer’ and witness how he tames Australia’s top marsupial carnivore. For the first time, DEVIL DIARY takes us behind the scenes of the World’s largest Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary to observe the everyday dramas experienced by the park staff as they care for and raise Tasmanian devils.

Filmed over a year, Devil Diary tells the story of how ‘Trowunna’ Sanctuary owner and world devil expert, Androo Kelly, caretakes a devil called Kyla as her four young grow from tiny 1-inch babies into adults. The park-staff hand-raise two of Kyla’s babies who dominate the lives of their human parents. They even sleep on their bed!

With several scenes never-before filmed this documentary showcases the amazing behavior of Tasmanian devils and the variety of wonderful ways that they interact with people. We reveal the secrets behind the success of the Devil Sanctuary, which every year breeds more devils than anywhere in the world. We witness how Androo communicates with the devils and gets them to change their behavior through ‘devil whispering’.

Contrary to the myth, Tasmanian Devils can be affectionate towards people and are one of the most responsive of all marsupials. But every devil has a distinctive character. Some just want to be cuddled by humans, while others are only interested in attacking – both humans and other devils!

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