Dead Tired

GENRE: Science
LENGTH: 2 x 54 minutes
PRODUCER: Paul Scott
DIRECTOR: Paul Scott
BROADCASTERS: SBS Australia & National Geographic
COINVESTOR: Screen Australia
DISTRIBUTOR: National Geographic Television International

DEAD TIRED features for the first time the latest science from around the world that proves that lack of sleep is harmful to the mind and body. Two-thirds of us have a problem with sleep and this series reveals why and what can be done about it.

Episode 1

AWAKE IS THE NEW SLEEP uncovers evidence on how TIREDNESS can cause heart attack, diabetes, obesity, depression and even cancer. In a unique TV experiment witness what happens to a healthy 25-year old when he cuts back his sleep from eight to three hours a night for one week. The results are shocking! He becomes psychotic, dreams whilst awake and drives a car while fast asleep!

Episode 2

PLANET INSOMNIA looks at the causes and cures for INSOMNIA – now the world’s most common medical disorder. Featuring four dramatic personal stories of how insomnia was treated and overcome this episode also investigates the frightening reality that insomnia is spreading like a pandemic through today’s 24/7 activity-driven Society.

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