Australia’s Marine World

GENRE: Wildlife
LENGTH: 2 x 55 minutes
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Scott & David Hannan
PRODUCER: Paul Scott
DIRECTOR: Paul Scott
BROADCASTER: The Discovery Channel USA & Telcast Germany
DISTRIBUTOR: Granada International

Australia’s Marine World is an incredible journey into Australia’s Southern Seas and the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a ‘blue-chip’ underwater wildlife film with no people, just spectacular animals.

Episode 1

THE SAVAGE SOUTH reveals how the inhabitants of the seas south of the Australian mainland and around Tasmania have evolved some of the most remarkable behavior on Earth. Follow sharks, giant crabs and unique fish as they go through the trials and tribulations of the underwater world.

Episode 2

REEF WARRIORS tells the story of how the Great Barrier Reef animals compete against each other to survive and reproduce. With many nature sequences never before filmed we showcase the amazing marine creatures including the sawfish, octopus and cone shell.



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